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Video Telematics : Data-Driven Safety For Fleets

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Any fleet organization is only as good as its driving crew and the vehicles that form the fleet. Though the nature of fleet operation entails danger, a successful anticipation and mitigation of potential risks reduces danger and ensures a safe and happy work environment. Traffic accidents and goods damage comprise a major chunk of the risk hazard. Technology plays an essential role in reducing the risks associated with fleet operation. 

  • Fleet Safety 

Data-driven analytics like video telematics combined with GPS can help in tracking and analyzing driving patterns and establish effective fleet safety protocols. It can enable fleet managers to set clear and consistent expectations of drivers.

  • Driver Monitoring

Continuous driver monitoring through GPS and in-vehicle cameras help in tracking driving patterns. It makes drivers more accountable. Based on the data obtained, safety training programmes can be introduced to improve driving safety and educate and persuade ‘risky’ drivers to adopt safe driving practices. This curtails risky driving behaviors and lessens vehicle accidents, thereby reducing vehicle downtime.

  • Fatigue Driving

Distracted driving due to fatigue is a great risk. To reduce fatigue induced distractions, technological aids can be employed to monitor driver fatigue levels. Also, through GPS based driving data, routes and stops can be planned better to make the life-on-the-road tad easier for the drivers.

  • Data Analytics

The way a driver operates a vehicle determines how safe they are on the road. Telematics monitors adherence to fleet safety regulations and flags high-risk drivers. Altering driving behavior helps to improve driving safety.

Regular maintenance and checkup of the vehicles is an important factor to ensure reliability of the fleet and reduce downtime. Vehicle monitoring systems alerts the operators about potential breakdown points and preventive maintenance intervention can be promptly made so that catastrophic downtimes and injuries can be avoided.

  • Fuel Management

With the rising fuel costs, fuel management is essential to reduce operational costs. Through data-driven management of routing, better monitoring of driving styles, identifying contributors & reducing inefficiencies, a significant reduction in fuel costs can be achieved through Telematics system implementation.

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