Stay Stress-Free and Ensure your Assets are Safer,Efficient and more Reliable.

Improve asset visibility right from live tracking to trip history, ensuring you reduce costs, reduce risk, and increase revenue.


Increased Asset Utilization

Improve inefficient turnaround times and ensure no assets sit idle. By utilizing asset tracking reports, you can now check the utilization of your trailers/containers. Monitor asset activity in real time even when the asset isn’t connected to a vehicle.Checking the daily utilization, miles, and trips provides insight into which assets are used most and least often.

Minimize Costs

Jido tracker is easy to install and requires little-to-no downtime.With an IP67 enclosure, our rugged and waterproof tracker is built to last in the temperature range of -20° to +65° Celsius. With these devices installed on your assets, you can also reduce the costs of manually checking where each one is.

Manage unauthorized use and theft reduction

Manage your assets and gain insights into how and where they are being used, you can track unauthorized or illegal use from any device. Gather asset use information, pull data, and create insightful reports.

Improve your chances of recovering a stolen load or asset with real time location tracking, prevent trailer loss by receiving alerts and keep track of inventory. With better visibility and insight, your risk of losing or having an asset stolen is reduced.