Successful deploy EVs and get full visibility into their real-time performance.

Our connected technology helps you analyze your current fleet and visualize and transition into a sustain and profitable fleet.


Data Collection and analysis

The data collected from the Electric vehicle informs the fleet operator about how the vehicle is utilized, effective routes that can be taken,charging characteristics,idling time etc.
  • Data such as state of charge,charged and discharged energy,charger power rating,battery capacity,engine start and stop time etc is collected, displayed and analyzed.
  • Data collected by these fleets is pushed to the cloud for further analysis, and used to establish a strategy and maximize ROI, while transitioning to an electric fleet.
  • Data analyzed that can be used to configure more parameters from the CAN bus.

All-in-one data platform

Fleet managers will have access to the data through the online portal where they can:

  • View the current location of their electric vehicles fleet on a map
  • Receive notifications for truck departure and arrival, including the odometer and state of charge
  • Set alerts to notify the fleet operations team of the vehicles’ current state of charge, including warnings for low charge
  • Monitor the vehicles’ charging status, including whether it is connected to the charger, actively charging, completed charging etc.

Data Visualization and Cooperation with OEMs

By providing  data to OEMs on a regular basis, businesses can work with OEMs to optimize their fleet electrification strategy and improve their overall performance
  • Data such as charging time, location, and charging frequency of each EV in the fleet, can be provided to OEMs on a regular basis.
  • By using visualizations and overlays to analyze data collected for fleet electrification, fleet managers can gain valuable insights into fleet performance and make more informed decisions about their electrification strategy.
  • Visualizing fleet performance data such as total energy consumption and cost per mile can help businesses and OEMs compare the performance of different vehicles and identify areas for improvement.