IoT in Fleet Management

Add additional capabilities to your fleet through integrated solutions to enhance your fleet’s safety and boost operational efficiency.

Keyless Entry

Our keyless vehicles access system seamlessly integrates with our Jido Sense device, and enables you to operate your fleet using a smartphone app.
  • The secure system generates a unique digital key linked to an authorized driver and validates the key and the driver, to lock or unlock the vehicle
  • Fleet owners can either use our white label app or seamlessly integrate the access capabilities into your existing mobile apps using our SDKs

Remote Immobilization

Strengthen your vehicle recovery and prevent unauthorized use by safely disabling the vehicle’s engine remotely with a click of a button.
  • Interrupts the starter motor of the vehicle ignition when enabled from the dashboard
  • For safety reasons, the immobilization only takes place once the vehicle ignition is turned off and doesn’t stop the vehicle in between drives

Additional Sensors

Tangerine’s range of IoT sensors integrate seamlessly with our smart devices to push data to the cloud, so you can use them for a variety of applications.
  • Bluetooth, GPIO or USB based devices that work with Jido Sense devices to collect and share real-time information for quick decisions
  • Additional sensors are available for temperature, door, cargo, tire pressure, etc