Tailor-made Solutions for Auto Insurance

Deploy and scale usage-based and behavior-based programs with our connected telematics offerings.


Enterprise-scale Solutions

If you are looking to integrate vehicle telematics into your insurance services, Tangerine is the perfect partner for you. Choose between our white-label mobile telematics apps and SDKs or opt for our in-vehicle smart device for deeper insights.
  • Get insights into your users’ behavior and create adaptive products and services
  • Offer your end customers multi-channel, multi-device strategy, enabling you to launch targeted products for different users
  • Utilize our white-label apps for end customers or opt for our SDKs and APIs

Data Driven and Driver Centric

Develop innovative products and services with driving insights, safety solutions and connected services to meet customers’ evolving mobility needs. Enhance driver communication, reward them with special offers and discounts and make them loyal.
  • Increase value by improving customer service and engagement.
  • Reduce customer churn by paying attention to complaints.
  • Create direct marketing opportunities using powerful data analytics.

Crash Characterization and Reporting

Get accident detection reports with details such as weather, severity, speed, etc. to process claims quickly and accurately.
  • Leverage AI and telematics to rebuild the true story of a crash.
  • Data-driven plots to accelerate the claims process and delight your customers.
  • Spend less time gathering information and more time on creating value for the customers.