Quick and Accurate Last Mile Deliveries

Create efficient and optimized routes with precise travel times by considering factors like distance, time or traffic.


Powerful Route Planning

Our ML algorithms determine the most efficient routes for your drivers and reduce average miles by getting real-time data like delivery updates, shorter routes, etc.
  • Get routes optimized with all your parameters like distance, time, and other parameters.
  • Reduce traffic congestion delays and time wastage.
  • Facilitate quick dispatch and share accurate ETAs with customers.

Smarter Operations

Plan and create optimized routes, push them to drivers and live track deliveries through Gantt charts and map visualizations.
  • Quickly import orders from an Excel or CSV file.
  • Push routes directly to drivers’ phones through our Jido Deliver app.
  • Track delivery schedules and delays at any time.

Driver, Vehicle and Route Performance

With centralized data collection of planned vs actual routes, updated delivery status, and vehicle health monitoring, now evaluate drivers on the basis of distance, time, mileage etc.
  • Get to know about on-time, before-time, delayed and missed deliveries.
  • Decrease empty miles by assigning orders to the suitable drivers and vehicles
  • Compare drivers on complete percentage with assigned and completed tasks