Tangerine Vision Dashcam

AI-powered dashcam bundled with advanced telematics features to capture all incident videos for automatic accident analysis


Telematics Integrated Device

Dual channel cameras with diagonal FOV of 170 degree ensures that all relevant data to an incident gets captured in a high definition video.Telematics functionalities include CAN bus integration, driver ID and vehicle diagnostics. It detects incidents by observing abnormalities in sensor values, specially those generated by accelerometers or speed.

Safety and Security Characteristics

Tangerine Vision Dashcam next-gen security features like geofencing alerts, vehicle immobilization, and keyless entry keeps the vehicle safe and secure. The aural alerts notifies drivers of their risky behaviors such as distraction, drowsiness, and fatigue, helping them stay focused on the road

Accident Management and Fraudulent Claim Reduction

Video evidence of critical incidents captured help insurers and fleet owners to find the root cause and gain deeper insights into accidents. 20 seconds video footage around the incident is sent to the cloud for automatic accident detection and analysis. Providing irrefutable evidence to disprove false claims and reducing fraudulent activities is one of the strong advantages of capturing incident videos by the device.