Ensure Business Efficiency and Compliance with Smart Trucking

Get the most out of your trucks with Tangerine’s comprehensive fleet management solutions, managing all aspects of your trucking business.


Safety and Efficacy

Ensure fleet and driver safety by monitoring key metrics with driver behavior reports, custom alerts, daily vehicle inspection reports and more. Effective monitoring and tracking in real-time with timely alerts will ensure safety of the fleet.
  • Get access to all operational KPIs – driving and idle time, engine hours, distance covered, HoS etc.
  • Get alerts for bad driving habits e.g. overspeeding or harsh braking.
  • Schedule maintenance services before breakdown.
  • Recover lost trailers, containers and other assets through advance tracking.

Regulatory Compliance

Business continuity and better revenues are also dependent on keeping up with the regulatory landscape. Our comprehensive solutions with partner apps ensure compliances, thereby ensuring fleet managers to focus on business rather than commercial transportation regulations and compliance management.
  • Automated recording of driving hours to report HoS for the ELD mandate.
  • Certify and upload pre-trip and post-trip inspection reports within minutes.
  • System to automatically track state-wise miles covered for easy IFTA reporting.
  • Improve your CSA score by reducing accident rates and maintenance violations.

Video Telematics

Tangerine provides ADAS camera solutions to measure driving quality, reduce risks, increase operational visibility and modernize your insurance plans.
  • Simplify risks and claims management with valid incident video proofs. 
  • Use video to determine truck accident liability and exonerate innocent drivers 
  • Coach drivers real-time with verbal warnings on detecting distraction or drowsiness. 
  • Use facial recognition for driver identification and notify admins in case of unauthorized access.