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Last-mile Delivery Route Optimization: Increase Efficiency in Operations 

Last-mile Delivery Route Optimization: Increase Efficiency in Operations
“It is not the destination, it is the journey,” said a wise man once. We doubt if the person understood then the implications the words would have in the present day context and the huge challenges faced by the modern-day logistics organizations that work day and night to connect the seller to the customer by making the journey as optimal as possible.

The Logic behind Logistics

Running a fleet service efficiently is a challenge by itself. With the increasing and fierce competition service providers face, every mile saved is a little bit more earned for the organization.

Through a Last-mile route optimization model, the relevant and critical information such as goods, driver, route etc is known beforehand, thus reducing the unknowns. Various constraints such as driver preference, load type, route options and customer priority are evaluated while planning a dynamic route. This makes it a little easier to find an optimal solution and gives one a bit more time as well to plan better.

The main goal of the last-mile route optimization is to reduce travel distances and minimize driver fatigue and risk by giving you a deeper insight into the planning and execution. The system ensures that the right drivers are assigned to particular zones. Constant monitoring of the fleet, with live alerts in case of deviation, unnecessary stops etc., allows you to track the real-time planned vs executed routes and also gives you valuable data to improve the system further. Implementation of a last-mile route optimization system reduces the effort involved in daily decision making and streamlines your fleet operation. It also helps you achieve higher profitability and reliability.

The system brings greater transparency and better management to the operation. This helps you share accurate details with your customers, reduces driver fatigue, minimizes risks and ensures better working conditions in general.

What Tangerine can do for you

Powerful Route Planning – Our ML algorithms determine the most efficient routes for your drivers and reduce average miles by getting real-time data like delivery updates, shorter routes, etc. You can get routes optimized with all your parameters like distance, time, drivers etc., Our planned routes help you reduce traffic congestion delays and time wastage. It also facilitates quick dispatch and enables you to share accurate ETAs with customers. Smarter Operations – Plan and create optimized routes, push them to drivers and live track deliveries through Gantt charts and map visualizations. You can quickly import orders from an Excel or CSV file. You can also push routes directly to drivers’ phones through our Jido Deliver app. Track delivery schedules and delays at any time.

Driver, Vehicle and Route Performance – With centralized data collection of planned vs actual routes, updated delivery status, and vehicle health monitoring, you can evaluate drivers on the basis of distance, time, mileage etc. You can get to know about on-time, before-time, delayed and missed deliveries and decrease empty miles by assigning orders to suitable drivers and vehicles. You can also compare drivers on complete percentage with assigned and completed tasks.