APIs and SDKs

Accelerate your growth by integrating our APIs with your business systems, or quickly and easily integrate our SDKs to add new capabilities to your existing apps.

Secure and Easy API Integration

Automatically exchange data between Tangerine and 3rd party systems and applications in real-time.

Reduce time and costs by streamlining data collection for your processes like driver payroll, vehicle maintenance, finance or accounting, fuel management etc.

Our robust API toolkits use commonly accepted standards and protocols for seamless integration to transfer data securely, efficiently and quickly.

Tangerine provides end points which can be accessed using http to use sensors, fleet and driver data for custom apps and special requirements.

Receive data on metrics such as vehicle mileage, distance covered, driver scores, trip location, and much more.

SDKs for Rapid App Deployment

Embed the power of our applications into your existing app with our easy-to-integrate SDKs.

Build your own custom apps, simplify development and control user experience to suit the needs of both your customers and business.

Integrate keyless access, immobilization, driver scoring, or include live navigation, choose from our exhaustive list of features to fit in your existing system.

Fully leverage the technical expertise of the Tangerine team to interact with our device using your own apps to build connected vehicle services or stay compliant.

Our SDKs include sample code, complete technical documentation, developer support and APIs for easy integration into Tangerine’s solutions.