Advanced Refuse and Waste Management Solutions

Ensures fleet managers are provided with real-time weight information that can be uploaded to the cloud, making it easily accessible on our platform.


Onboard Weighing Scale Integrated with Telematics

Designed for front-end loader garbage trucks, the Jido Sense Smart device integrates with Air-Weigh’s BinMaxx device to provide visibility on loads picked up to charge each customer accurately. Monitor the weight of each bin lifted from the digital display and identify profits from non-profitable accounts.

Load Monitoring Made Easy

Refuse vehicles can receive weight data and location on each lift and detailed analysis via Air-Weigh’s scale and Tangerine’s AI-Powered platform, ensuring accurate data such as pickup location, route taken, driver performance, vehicle utilization, fleet maintenance, collision reports, etc. can be viewed and managed from one intuitive platform.

Detailed Reporting

Get visibility of your business performance, through daily, weekly and monthly reports and check the status of loads picked up, with our map view option.

Increase operational efficiency with reports on:

  • Distance and drive hours
  • Idle timing vs. drive timings
  • Vehicle usage
  • Driver scoring
  • Inactive/underutilized vehicles alert