Custom Branded Apps

Tangerine offers you feature-rich mobile apps, using which your drivers can view their trip history on-the-go and access rich information like driver score, fuel consumed, idle time, run diagnostics, navigation, and more.

Key features common to all our apps are:

  • AI-based behavioral scoring on acceleration, braking, cornering and speeding
  • Crash detection with automated SMS or call for emergency services
  • In-app navigation, roadside assistance, find help nearby (gas stations. hospitals or a mechanic)
  • The apps are white-labeled and can be customized to suit your brand
  • Support for both native android and iOS platforms with possible enterprise integration

Jido Sense App

Jido Sense app works with our Jido Sense device to get it up and running in minutes.
  • Intuitive app with interactive walkthroughs makes it simple for onboarding drivers
  • Fetches DTCs for diagnostics and sends instant alerts in case of any vehicle health issues

Jido Lite

Jido Lite is a standalone app to track driver behavior on a budget using built-in sensors of your smartphone.

  • It turns phone sensor data into meaningful information about driver behavior, ride history, crash detection
  • Makes drivers better each day by measuring parameters like hard acceleration, braking or over-speeding and proving driver coaching

Jido Key

Jido Key is a secure and convenient way to access your car with your smartphone.
  • Easily lock or unlock your vehicle without using the actual key, avoids key tampering and misuse
  • Uses 2-factor authentication to connect with the Sense device with Bluetooth connectivity

Jido Drive

Jido Drive is ideal for mobile workforce assigned with field tasks targeting deliveries.
  • Navigates on the routes assigned and updates managers on job statutes
  • Creates and shares vehicle inspection reports with fleet administrators