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At Tangerine, we combine data and technology to provide enterprises with smart mobility solutions that are reliable, safe, and sustainable. Our real-time data for informed decision-making, facilitates a collaborative ecosystem that aligns with smart city initiatives. By leveraging our solutions, businesses can contribute to creating smarter and more sustainable urban environments, meeting their sustainability goals, and driving positive environmental outcomes.

Leveraging Data for Intelligent Mobility

By harnessing the value of real-time data, enterprises can not only make informed decisions that align with their mission
but also create a positive change in the environment by adopting electrification, minimizing waste, reducing emissions,
optimizing existing systems, and measuring performance towards their sustainability goals.

Together, Let's Create a Smarter and More Sustainable Ecosystem

Industries We Cater to

Waste Management

Get visibility on loads picked up, receive weight data and increase business performance.

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City Transportation

Deploy efficient, safe, and reliable transportation solutions with easy-to-use apps and web dashboard.

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Smart Trucking

Now address all challenges related to managing your trucks in a simple and cost effective manner.

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Fleet Electrification

Ensure reliability, operate under time and efficiency constraints and maximize performance capabilities.

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Sustainability Planning
and Reporting

By utilizing data driven insights, enterprises are provided with valuable insights to support sustainable practices.Data provided from third-party integrations can be consolidated within our dashboard, allowing for a comprehensive view of relevant information, this enables enterprises  to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions towards sustainability goals, leveraging the power of real-time data and visualization to drive positive change.

  • Calculate Emissions
  • Benchmark Performance
  • Report on Sustainability Progress
  • Identify Improvement Opportunities
  • Suggest Actions to Achieve Sustainability Goals

Smart Waste Management

Tangerine’s smart waste management solutions helps companies operate more efficiently and sustainably while improving customer satisfaction and reducing environmental impact.

Real-time data on the fill levels of waste containers along collection routes can be made available to fleet managers. This data can then be utilized to enhance collection schedules and improve the overall efficiency of waste collection operations.

Fleet Electrification

With Tangerine’s connected technology, you can achieve seamless deployment of electric vehicles and gain real- time visibility into their performance. Our solution enables you to analyze your existing fleet, optimize your charging infrastructure and transition to a sustainable and profitable fleet. The Electrification Advisor is an interactive tool designed to assist fleet operators in determining the feasibility of electrifying a route based on factors such as stop location, duration, and charging type.

Integrated Platform Approach

Tangerine owns the entire stack end-to-end from hardware, software, AI, reporting, controlling all aspects of our solution offering, backed by end-to-end customer support. Our connected intelligent platform is capable of integrating different hardware and data sources resulting in improved business processes and increased visibility and operational efficiency.

  • Monitor and manage all drivers, vehicles and other assets on one single platform.

  • Harness the power of AI and data analytics to make business decisions that directly impact your profitability.

  • Remote maintenance technology, that provides a technician with the ability to remotely monitor and service a device, system, or machine.

  • Centralize data collection for execution of a robust business intelligence strategy.

Advanced Smart Mobility Solutions For Every Business

Tangerine transforms connected mobility into intelligent mobility by giving you resources to manage all your businesses.


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At our core, we are dedicated to empowering sustainable initiatives and fostering smart mobility in smart cities. Our primary goal is to provide unwavering support to enterprises, organizations, and communities as they strive towards a future that is both sustainable and efficient.

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    Sher Construction

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