Fleet Monitoring Made Easy

Tangerine’s easy-to-use intuitive dashboard ensures that you have all fleet data you need, the way you’d like to see it.


Stress-Free Fleet Tracking

Whether its vehicle utilization, current location, driver-vehicle allocation, vehicles needing repairs, get answers to all these questions with real-time data displayed at just one place for your convenience.
  • Live track all your assets with map and satellite view and filter them based on whether they are currently in motion, idle or offline
  • Get access to all operational KPIs – driving and idle time, engine hours, distance covered, hours of service, total active vehicles for smart decision making
  • View ride history down to the minute to understand the geolocated hard events, speed vs posted speed, stop locations, etc

Fleet Safety Secured

Our camera solutions with built-in AI enable you to overcome the limits of the human capacity and ensures your fleet’s safety at the highest level.
  • Set a geofence perimeter and get notified the moment any of your assets breach it
  • Opt for a keyless entry system or vehicle immobilization to remotely manage access to each vehicle
  • Get immediate alerts on low voltage battery, DTCs, device tampering, unauthorized access, etc to maintain highest safety standardssafeguard your people and assets

Effortless Fleet Maintenance

Tangerine uses AI to improve many aspects of fleet maintenance, be it reducing unplanned downtime or increasing efficiency in the maintenance and repair process.
  • Get preventive and predictive maintenance information for each asset to track maintenance services and understand RUL
  • Keep tabs on everything from required repairs to scheduled services and daily inspections to keep assets at highest performance levels
  • Monitor vehicle issues by capturing DTCs for both OBD II and J1939 protocols