Custom Solutions For Seamless Integrations

Minimize onboarding hassles, maximize fleet efficiency
Our solutions are designed for scale, performance, interoperability, and security, enabling us to serve as a strategic partner in your journey.


System Integration

Tangerine’s solutions are built to easily adapt and integrate with all your existing devices, software, data sources, and processes.
  • Access the benefits of our custom insights and analytics dashboard, with the devices you already have
  • Connect your telematics and camera devices with Tangerine’s AI platform for a whole new level of efficiency
  • Adopt new technology, with custom solutions and upgrade how you manage your fleet, instead of starting from scratch

Ingest Video and Telemetry Feeds

Each of our cutting-edge video and telemetry collation systems are designed to work with your existing software platforms to make it even better.
  • Have your access to real-time analytics and custom insights in no time
  • Improve processes like scheduling maintenance services, tracking payrolls or risk management
  • Get to know whether the captured incident video contains accident or not, for automated analysis

Custom Apps With APIs and SDKs

Whether you require custom branded mobile applications or SDKs to integrate with your existing setup, Tangerine has a solution that fits your needs.
  • Access trip level data such as time, distance, location, fuel consumption, etc. to be used in your custom calculations
  • Get driver metrics such as behavior scores, hours driven, safety violations for your training programs
  • Choose from our list of features like lock/unlock, vehicle diagnostics, driver scoring etc. to be added in your app