Maintain the highest safety standards and safeguard your drivers and assets.

Apply the benefits of artificial intelligence (Al) and integrate analytics into daily accident prevention and monitoring operations, improving performance and increasing safety


Implement a Data-Driven Strategy

Tangerine provides real-time data into vehicle fleets, drivers performance, accidents etc.This data is collected, processed, analyzed and helps fleet managers identify fleet issues, understand how their vehicles are performing and develop safe fleet and driver strategies.
  • View and monitor all data related to fleet vehicles,receive updates on maintenance, generate accident reports and improve the fleet budget with fuel cost savings etc
  • By identifying problems with driver behavior, managers can address the root cause, and take steps to improve driver performance and ensure fleet and driver safety on road
  • Decrease employee downtime, vehicle repair and reduce reliability by properly training, monitoring, and supervising drivers

Improving Driver Safety and Reducing Accidents

Track, capture and analyze all aspects of a fleet to increase efficiency, increase safety and, reduce accidents.
  • Gain instant insight and analysis into every driver’s performance and behavior and track distance driven per route.
  • Track speeding and other unsafe driving.
  • Get access to driver behavior analytics and obtain insights into each driver’s profile and analyze their driving styles based on KPIs

Accident Detection and Management

Gain deeper insights into accidents by capturing video evidence of critical incidents, and help insurers and fleet owners find the root cause and assess what events and behaviors led to the crash.
  • In the case of collision or accident, data such as weather details, time and date of collision, driver behavior etc is collected, this reduces the collection time and leads to a quick claim process
  • Characterize accidents from non-accidents, and provide information on the accident type and scenario
  • Combine manually reported incident data with automatically gathered data, and generate more data points related to an FNOL incident