Putting You In The Driver’s Seat

We make roads and drivers safer by reducing risky driving behaviors.


Single Score Performance Indicator

Gain instant insight into every driver’s performance, safety, efficiency, and driving style at a single glance making analysis and decision-making a breeze.
  • Our specially devised driver scoring is powered by AI, and provides you individual scores for each driver
  • Scores are a combination of overspeeding, hard acceleration, sudden braking, sharp cornering, and overall trip comfort
  • Comprehensive behavioral solutions allow you to understand the problem areas of each driver and help them correct it

Categorization & History Profiling

While scores give you a great overview, go one step further and dig into driving style and analytics with cross vehicle and cross driver reports.
  • Profiles give you access to KPIs such as driving style, distance, driving and idle time and trip histories in a single, easy to use dashboard
  • Do customized searches to get the data you need about your employees, conveniently at your fingertips
  • Combine driver safety, performance scoring and compliance in the one system, and make data-driven decisions

Driver Coaching

Anyone can have a bad day at the job, but when that job is driving, mistakes could mean injuries, damage, and even fatalities.

  • Our stack of in-vehicle driver coaching solutions alert your drivers by detecting drowsiness, distraction or fatigue
  • Combining real-time driver monitoring and analysis with aural warnings, we enable each driver to avert crisis every day
  • Provide specific training programs based on their incident types in overspeeding, hard braking, acceleration or cornering