Tangerine Tracker

Monitor and protect your assets from theft or misuse with robust asset tracking solutions.

Durable and Long Lasting

With customized pings per day, The Tangerine Tracker can last upto 5 years on one battery. Change in reporting frequency based on the motion allows owners to track assets for years at the time. With an IP67 enclosure, our rugged and weatherproof tracker is built to last in the temperature range of -20° to +65° Celsius.

Always-on Connectivity

Tangerine Tracker provides real-time location of your assets and supports geofence and trigger alerts in abnormal situations. Our devices use power-efficient technology such as CAT-M1 and NB2, which ensures the device sends data even in the remotest areas or underground. In the rare cases of no connectivity, we have provided an inbuilt memory to store 10,000 data samples.

Data and Insights

With Tangerine’s asset-tracking solutions and their seamless deployment, data is generated precisely for effective monitoring. Our custom reports use reliable and real-time data to give you actionable insights relevant to your business. With AI, it’s easy to predict motion, battery consumption, changes and hence alert asset owners in advance of any possible problems.