Tangerine Sense Device

LTE enabled powerful edge computing device with built-in sensors and multiple interfaces for complete driver and vehicle visibility.

Ensure Asset Protection at All Times

Minimize risk of vehicle theft or misuse by remotely monitoring vehicle location anytime on the Tangerine’s fleet platform. Multiple wireless interfaces like WiFi, BLE and LTE allow remote keyless entry and vehicle immobilization for increased security. Optionally safely immobilize a vehicle if stolen or theft is suspected. Get real-time alerts for :
  • Geofence Breaches
  • Unauthorized Vehicle Usage
  • Rash/Aggressive Driving
  • Device Tampering and Unplug

Packed with Sensors

The device collects data on vehicle location, speed, distance, engine hours, diagnostic codes and more. It automatically logs all vehicle trips, monitors fuel consumption, idle time and mileage that results in significant cost savings.
With an in-built 9 axis accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope, it captures unsafe driving practices like hard braking, acceleration, overspeeding or sharp cornering giving fleet owners the much-needed insight into the behavior of the drivers of their fleet.

On-board Diagnostics

When a vehicle detects an issue, it activates the corresponding DTC which is perfectly Captured by the Tangerine Sense device both periodically and on-demand along with fault information for possible causes and remedies. The DTC is then mapped with our database covering DTCs for all make/models and is constantly being updated.
This also helps fleet managers to proactively schedule maintenance services to prevent possible breakdown.

Easy Install and Operate

Our plug and play device gets up and running in minutes. It’s compact design and easy setup make it suitable for self-installation, saving time and money for fleet owners.

This ruggedized device supports all fleet types from cars, vans, buses to light and heavy-duty trucks allowing admins to manage heterogeneous fleets on one single platform.