Crash Analyzer

Advanced AI-powered vehicle accident detection system that segregates accidents from non-accidents.


Understand Factors Leading to Crash

The accident analytics system segregates the accidents from non accidents using vehicle telemetry data and dashcam feed. The platform pinpoints exact reasons for the accident by evaluating various factors like weather & road conditions, time of the day, location, or presence of rain. The system also detects and extracts any sudden change in speed and acceleration to identify the root cause behind an accident, helping fleet owners and insurers assess driver behavior and segregate at-fault claims from no fault claims.

Generate Accident Report with Confidence

Tangerine’s Crash Analyzer uses deep learning models that are trained on several thousands of real accident videos and are capable of detecting and characterizing the accident with great accuracy. Our self learning AI models continuously retrain and achieve higher accuracy after every iteration. Gain insights with strategic reports that will help you to derive and mitigate recurring trends, be it high risk driver demographics or accident locations, accident types or scenarios. Admin override ensures accidents are correctly tagged aiding self-learning capabilities of the system.

Ensure the Legitimacy of Insurance Claims

Our Crash Analyser enhances the functionalities offered by Tangerine’s fleet management solutions with detailed reporting of an accident. Fleet owners and insurers can evaluate any incident based on facts and put an end to false insurance claims fraud, saving millions of dollars each year. You can also get a clear indication of how much responsibility rests on the driver with our advanced comparative negligence analysis.