Reinforce Business with Up-to-Date Compliances

With Tangerine’s transparent compliance solutions, focus on your core business while keeping up with the new and changing fleet regulations.


Simplify HOS Compliance

Through our partners we provide electronic logging device (ELD) compliance solutions which significantly reduces time spent completing HOS logs. Our comprehensive ELD solution helps stay current with regulations and provides compliance support for your fleet drivers.

  • Precisely monitor driving hours with our simple and functional ELD
  • Help fleet drivers follow HoS regulations via our preferred partners
  • Avoid penalties and violations at roadside inspections


Using Tangerine’s Jido Drive app, save time with quick Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) and also get reports on distance driven in each state for managing IFTA.

  • Facilitate inspections to identify vehicles having problems
  • Speed up fleet maintenance scheduling with an automated data sync
  • Using telematics, automate IFTA mileage collection resulting in greater accuracy

Improve CSA Score

Use our dashcam solutions to make safety a core focus for your business and maintain an excellent record resulting in the improvement of your CSA score.

  • Monitor all your assets to increase utilization, security, and uptime
  • Coach drivers in real-time to make the roads safer for fleets and the public
  • Reduce accident rates and interventions such as investigations and warning letters