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Increasing Lifetime & Uptime of Fleets Is Easier With Telematics

Fleets form the backbone of any country’s economy. They drive the nation’s economy. Fleets are the circulatory system that hauls goods, materials and personnel across the length and breadth of the globe, often in stressful and harsh conditions. They often work on tight, time-bound schedules that are critical for productivity and profitability. 

If even a single vehicle from a fleet is off the road, it means a loss of revenue for the fleet operator as well as for the client. The loss is not just restricted to monetary loss – brand image and perception also take a big hit. Increasing fleet uptime is therefore imperative for running a smooth and efficient operation. Increasing the lifetime and uptime of fleets is critical for a venture to remain productive and profitable. But is it possible to increase productivity without over-stressing an already stressed workforce? The answer might lie in efficient management of vehicle health and reducing downtime.

Prevention is better than cure!

Proactive maintenance goes a long way in ensuring that the fleet is firing on all cylinders and is operating at maximum efficiency – always. Following a regular maintenance schedule helps in mitigating serious damages by identifying potential issues well in advance. It also helps to lower unforeseen and serious breakdowns and avoid vehicle downtimes. 

While following a pre-despatch vehicle inspection checklist is a possible way to anticipate problems and avoid breakdown instances, a real-time telematics-based vehicle monitoring system is a great way to highlight minor issues through remote diagnostics and prevent them from becoming a serious problem that could possibly lead to a breakdown and hence keep the vehicle off the road for a while.     

Technology for Better Management

The key to ensuring better uptime of the fleet is by predictive and proactive maintenance. Modern intelligent telematics-based systems offer a deeper insight into the operations of the fleet and the vehicle health. In-vehicle monitoring systems, in addition to the vehicle monitoring system, monitor the status of the vehicle systems. They warn in advance when they sense a possible fault. By early identification of the issue and limiting the possible ripple damage, they help to reduce the downtime of the fleet. 

Vehicle monitoring systems monitor a wide array of variables and crunch the data into meaningful and actionable points. Predictive and preventive data is aided by this useful information. Various factors like route, driver alertness, throttle input, tyre pressure, ambient temperature, engine temperature, electrical issues, load status etc., are monitored constantly and potential issues are flagged immediately. This enables one to predict and prevent issues, thereby reducing catastrophic failures and hence minimise downtime.  

By keeping the fleet operating at maximum efficiency, unforeseen and stressful downtimes can be reduced significantly. This reduces the burden on the drivers to meet deadlines, and hence lessens their stress and workload to a great extent. This improves productivity of the entire fleet. A happy and relaxed workforce can get a lot more done than a grumpy and stressed workforce!  

Effortless Fleet Maintenance with Tangerine

Tangerine uses AI to improve many aspects of fleet maintenance. From reducing unplanned downtime to increasing the overall efficiency in the maintenance and repair process, Tangerine provides a stress-free fleet maintenance system that is sure to boost your fleets’ productivity and profitability. 

Preventive and predictive maintenance information for each asset to track maintenance services and understand RUL.

Keep tabs on everything from required repairs to scheduled services and daily inspections to keep assets at highest performance levels.

Monitor vehicle issues by capturing DTCs for both OBD II and J1939 protocols.

Tangerine Brings the Power of AI to your Fleet

Our vertically integrated platform gives complete visibility and increases the efficiency, safety and productivity of your fleets through actionable intelligence. Tangerine offers a one-stop solution that covers all the tools you need to manage your fleet.