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Vehicle Protection Tips

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Anti-theft allows tracking of vehicles in real-time and controls it in the case of theft. To prevent vehicle theft, you must implement new systems based on new technologies to help vehicle owners track vehicle, control, and recover it. Tangerine’s anti-theft system includes a combined low-cost, effective, and reliable anti-theft technology to monitor and control stolen vehicles in real-time. 

Some of the most common challenges in fleet security are as follows:

Cargo Theft

Most Cargos include cargo inventory that can sell quickly on the secondary market. The fleets that transport common goods are top targets for thieves. Without the cargo or asset monitoring in place, thieves can break into trailers undetected. The cargo theft causes delivery delays and increases your insurance premiums. With proper anti-theft in place, you can ensure a single source of information from planning to production, enabling companies to lower the risk and reduce cost throughout the supply chain. 

Fuel theft

With more drivers transporting essential goods, instances of fuel theft or card skimming can add up significantly. Without accurate GPS locations of where drivers fill up the fuel tanks, it can be difficult to detect fuel theft and track where cards are skimmed or overfilled. To overcome this problem, Tangerine includes a built-in fuel efficiency module that indicates the fuel tank levels, fuel consumed, and fuel purchases in real time. This data is then compared against a vehicle average, making it easier to detect any abnormalities, or a possible indication of fuel theft. This can also be used to monitor a fleet’s fuel economy. 

Asset recovery

Once vehicles or assets are stolen, it is a challenge to track if they are not equipped with GPS tracking devices. In addition, with the cargo that is often very far away from the main central dispatch office, it is difficult to gain remote visibility into the security of your assets. With an efficient anti-theft device, it is easy to detect when the trailer or container doors open and close for added security and protection.

Fleet Hijacking

To protect against vehicle hijackings, it is critical that the drivers must have a fast way of discrete communication with the main central office. With Tangerine’s fleet management platform, there are alerts that trigger during an emergency situation and provide critical information to aid assistance, including the driver’s exact location.

Tangerine’s Anti-Theft Solutions

Solutions that we offer to overcome the problems of theft are as follows:

IoT Accessories

With Tangerine’s AI, you can ensure that all relevant data to an incident gets captured in a high definition video. With the Jido Vision you can ensure and get the facial recognition capabilities, identify the driver, and notify fleet owners in case of any unauthorized access.

Live Tracking

With the live tracking using the AI-Powered fleet analytics, you can get notified when the devices are inactive or are tampered with. With just a click of a button, you can allow fleet managers to take action with law enforcement and save precious time during an emergency. With the integrated dash cam facility, the GPS coordinates to quickly track down the stolen vehicle.

Real-time Alerts

With real-time alerts, you can ensure your vehicles are staying within your storage and delivery areas, without unnecessary distraction. The geofence alerts sends you a notification  when a vehicle breaches the set parameter. Whenever an alert is triggered, you can simply click the link from your smartphone and view the real-time vehicle location right from your mobile device.

Secured Fleet Safety

To maintain the highest safety standards and safeguard your people and assets, we offer camera solutions with built-in AI that enables you to track and monitor your fleet. With the integrated built-in sensors, you can ensure complete visibility of driver and vehicle at all times. Optionally, you can safely immobilize a vehicle if stolen or a suspected theft and get real-time alerts. 

Final Words

By being aware about fleet security and taking proactive measures to minimize auto theft, you can improve your fleet performance, educate your drivers about the basic vehicle security, such as parking the vehicle securely.

Vehicle yards are one of the popular targets for fuel thieves, so make it difficult for thieves to get in unnoticed and leave without a trace. With a real-time visibility into where the vehicles and assets are located, the anti-theft system allows you to help you react to emergencies in real-time, and increase your vehicle’s security by disabling it in the event of theft or misuse with just a click of the button.