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The Role of Dashcams in Accident Management and Prevention

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In the present scenario, installing a Dashcam provides protection from crash-for-cash scams, dashcams help monitor the incident and clear up the accident insurance claims more easily. The insurance company analyzes the hard evidence and comes to a fair judgement. As a result, disputes or disagreements with respect to claims are reduced to a minimum. The whole insurance claims process also speeds up. 

Driver Behavior

Many of the factors associated with rising claims during accidents and loss frequency are rooted in poor driver behavior. Statistics from studies show that in-vehicle monitoring with Telematics show a clear relationship between vehicle monitoring and driver behavior. According to a survey, around one in five motorists use a dash cam each time they drive their vehicle.

Driver training

When it comes to new driver training, nothing compares to getting behind the wheel and experiencing life on the road first hand. Footage with a dashboard camera is also an invaluable learning tool, which will provide in-depth insights into various incidents. With driver training, the new drivers can learn to implement the corrective steps in different situations without making the other road users at risk. 

Reduced Insurance Premiums

One of the common problems associated with crash incidents is that it increases the insurance premiums for innocent drivers, as the cost of compensation is to be recovered from somewhere. However, the insurance industry is starting to recognize that dashboard cameras may help solve this ongoing problem while reducing false insurance claims and are willing to pass on savings to those who install dashcam systems in their vehicles.

Advanced technology in Telematics

The recent advanced technologies in Telematics, driver scoring, and in-vehicle technologies are quickly transforming the commercial lines insurance. There are new tools and technologies that ensure to acquire richer and more precise data from diverse sources. This data can be used to produce comprehensive driver profiles and scores, generate direct feedback to drivers, and encourage safe vehicle operation.

Vehicle Monitoring

One of the main advantages to installing dashcams is that they provide video evidence of each incident that helps to determine the fault quicker. Vehicle monitoring systems ensure managers use data received from telematics devices such as GPS trackers to receive real-time insight into driver behavior and asset management.

Fleet Tracking

Dashcams help locate, track, and manage your vehicles in real time. The Fleet tracking feature helps your fleet meet customer demand for fast, accurate, and seamless service, and ensures operational efficiency. 

Accident Analysis

With  Telematics and Dashcams, you can keep track of your fleet while they are in the field or after they return. You can use the GPS-based fleet tracking device to locate active drivers and vehicle locations. In case of an accident get in depth analysis into the incident with continual video to gain more insight into the cause of the crash.

Final Words

With Tangerine’s solution for fleet management, you can analyze and understand the factors leading to a crash. The accident analytics system segregates the accident from non-accidents with a highly intelligent Jido vision and Vehicle telemetry. You can also ensure that insurers assess driver behavior and segregate at-fault claims from no fault claims. With the help of Tangerine’s Crash Analyzer, you can put an end to the false insurance claims fraud. The Crash Analyzer also enhances the functionalities offered by Tangerine’s fleet management solutions with a comprehensive and detailed reporting of an accident.