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Importance of Fleet Safety

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Fleet safety is a major focus when businesses require a fleet of vehicles to move their products from one location to another. Some of the most important goals of fleet safety are to address the rise in at-fault accident rate and create a safety-first culture during the implementation of fleet safety. With a good fleet safety platform, you can easily analyze the road risks, reduce the accidents, increase efficiency, fleet tracking in real-time, and monitor fuel usage and idle time across your entire fleet. It is not only important to avoid the accidents and risks, but also determine which risky driver behaviors you need to address, such as harsh braking, speeding, and distracted driving.

Safe driving habits include:

  • Maintain focus: Avoid texting, eating/drinking, talking to people, that takes your attention away.
  • Be alert: Avoid driving when tired/sick.
  • Maintain gap between vehicles: Maintain safe distance while driving.
  • Follow traffic rules: Always follow traffic rules, signals, and speed limits.

Why Tangerine?

Our AI integrated data and analytics platform, helps your organization drive sustainable and profitable growth for fleet safety. With one single platform, you can monitor the vehicle performance, track improvements, and ensure to provide a seamless user experience to manage your fleet.

  • Complete Visibility of Driver and Vehicle

Tangerine includes Jido Sense with built in-sensors and multiple interfaces to provide complete visibility of driver and vehicle. You can minimize the risk of vehicle theft or misuse, by remotely monitoring the vehicle location using the Tangerine’s fleet platform. Also, real-time alerts are triggered for Geofence breaches, unauthorized vehicle usage, rash or aggressive driving, and device tampering. 

  • Always-on-Connectivity

With Jido Tracker you can ensure ‘always-on-connectivity’ that provides real-time monitoring of the assets. With Tangerine’s asset tracking solution, data is precisely generated and with AI, it is very easy to predict battery consumption, trigger alerts, and assist asset owners to view actionable data insights.

  • Access Driver Information

With Jido Apps, Tangerine offers new custom brand applications, feature-rich mobile applications, and  access information related to driver-score, idle time, fuel consumed, and so on. The application provides AI-based driver behavior scoring on acceleration, braking, crash detection, and speeding with support on both native android and iOS platforms.

  • Availability of IoT Accessories

With IOT Accessories, you can add additional capabilities using IoT in Fleet management and enhance fleet’s safety and boost operational efficiency. Tangerine’s IoT sensors can be integrated easily with the smart devices to access using a variety of applications such as Bluetooth or USB based devices. The additional sensors are available to detect temperature, tire pressure, and so on. 

  • Ensure Advanced Vehicle Detection

By using Crash Analyzer, you can ensure an advanced AI-powered vehicle detection system that segregates accidents with non-accidents, vehicle telemetry data, and dashcam feed. The system also detects and extracts any sudden changes in the speed. The drivers can also identify the root cause behind an accident, helping fleet owners assess driver behavior and segregate at-fault claims from no fault claims.

Additional Features

With the stress-free fleet tracking, you can gain access to Operational KPIs such as driving and idle time, engine hours, distance covered, and total active hours for smart decision making. Tangerine’s camera solutions with the built-in AI enable drivers to overcome the limits of the human capacity and ensure fleet’s safety at the highest level. 


Fleet Safety 

The Tangerine’s built-in and advanced AI enables you to solve and overcome the limits of human capacity. With the help of Geofence perimeter, notifications are triggered the moment any of the assets breach the fleet safety rules. The AI-powered dashcam is integrated with Sense+ device to provide a next-generation fleet intelligent monitoring system. With most of the built-in advanced features, the camera captures all incident videos and uploads the same to the Cloud server for automatic analysis. With more actionable insights, Tangerine’s Fleet management provides one of the best solutions for safety, productivity, and increases the overall efficiency of fleets.

Final Words

It is important to encourage drivers and fleet owners to follow safe driving practices. With the help of driver scoring, you can monitor the performance of the driver and also recognize the improvement over a period of time. With the Tangerine’s user-friendly platform, you can ensure stress-free fleet tracking data such as vehicle utilization, current location, driver-vehicle allocation, and so on. To keep assets at high performance levels and prevent breakdown, you can plan scheduled fleet maintenance and daily inspections. Tangerine solution enables fleets to deploy, operate new mobility services, and manage shared fleets.