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Shared Mobility And It’s Benefits

What is Shared Mobility?

Shared Mobility refers to the shared transportation services provided for members to reach their destinations very easily. Regardless of the mode of transportation, smart mobility is rapidly growing around the world and will also be replacing the usual passenger vehicles in the coming years. The need for shared mobility came into effect due to the increase in traffic congestion in cities, leading to pollution, fatalities, and waste of time. To overcome these problems, car sharing retains the potential of easy access and addresses many gaps in the existing transportation systems. 

It has been estimated that from 2012 to 2013, the global car sharing market grew by 50% with an approximate of 3.5 million members. It is now expected that by the end of 2020, the number of users will reach 26 million. As per one of the studies, leasing, car sharing, and renting markets are converging whereas car ownership rates are declining. Also, as per the forecasts by Frost and Sullivan, and McKinsey 1/10 new cars will be a shared vehicle in 2030.

Benefits of Shared Mobility

Shared mobility offers a wide variety of social, environmental, and transportation system benefits. It also improves the economic benefits and eases the cost savings in many scenarios. With a number of innovative approaches in social networking, location based servicing, and internet technologies, smart mobility services have expanded rapidly in the current market.

More Economical:

The Shared mobility is more economical because it is less expensive than acquiring and maintaining a vehicle. By implementing  Shared mobility, you can reduce the general expenses and save a lot of time. Car sharing services enables an enormous potential that creates a positive societal impact with respect to congestion, pollution, and also saves energy consumption. Shared mobility helps to reduce the usage of individual passenger vehicles and get people to reach their destinations more efficiently.


With Shared mobility, there is a decrease in the number of vehicles and the CO2 emissions are also reduced making the environment pollution free. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, a typical automobile emits 4.6 metric tons  of carbon dioxide every year. With millions of vehicles in the cities, a half million tons of carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere every year. 

Urban Mobility:

With the increase in urbanization and populations, road traffic has become a huge problem in cities across the world. To solve this problem smart mobility provides benefits for both commuting citizens and municipalities and provides a complete interoperability of public transportation lines with private-sectors. 


There are a number of multiple modes of transportation that allow travelers to choose which mode works best for a given situation.


With Shared mobility, the number of fatalities and injuries are drastically reduced.

Why Choose Tangerine for Shared Mobility?

Tangerine offers a seamless customer experience with an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard for shared mobility. Tangerine’s connected car solution is a one-stop solution that provides live tracking, scheduled maintenance, trip and ride details, driver behavior, and also generates vehicle health reports. Tangerine also provides a Keyless entry to lock and unlock your vehicles using a smartphone. This ensures increase in the convenience and more easy access with an authenticated system. 

With the Immobilization feature, you can quickly recover your car in case of theft. The feature comes along with live tracking that increases the vehicle security by providing instant access to details like speed, vehicle location, any incidents of misuse or theft, overspeed alert, and so on. In case of theft, you can even recover your car with just a click of a button. You can receive notifications and check whether the status of the engine is in ON or OFF mode. You can also restrict the vehicle from starting again before going out of reach.

Car Sharing

Car Sharing is a mode of shared mobility where several members use the same vehicle, reducing the total number of vehicles needed. One of the surveys show that car sharing can replace between 1 and 6.5 personal vehicles. With Tangerine’s car sharing solution, you can control vehicle access and capture all relevant vehicle and ride information that is required for billing, statistics, and fleet management. Using an integrated platform, you can manage users effectively and automate daily businesses with the help of a backend interface. 

Final Words

With the help of Tangerine’s shared mobility, you can ensure to make your vehicles smart and also integrate seamlessly into the safe modular ecosystem. We provide world class expertise and flexibility in the fleet management and ensure proven reliability in the shared mobility industry. The solution offers a full freedom to choose any vehicle type including keyless entry. Using third-party tools, you can enhance the services and focus more on the growth of shared mobility services across various devices.