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Driver Behavior Analysis and Monitoring: Safe and Effective Fleet Management

The driver behavior analysis offers a comprehensive reporting on a range of data points that allow you to efficiently identify and improve your field workforce’s driving. By empowering some of the best safe and effective fleet management solutions such as Telematics, GPS Vehicle TrackingDriver Safety, and Driver Training, it is possible to take direct action to improve Driver Safety. Some of the driver behaviors include reckless driving, speeding, harsh braking, as well as other types of dangerous maneuvers that include reducing fleet risk and improving efficiency. Vehicle idling and over speeding of the fleet for a long time use more fuel. More usage of fuel means fuel expenditure increases. 

Improved safety

With the fleet vehicles costing an estimated £25 million in 2014-2015 and almost a quarter from avoidable collisions, recognizing when a driver needs further training is of paramount importance. As research suggests that almost 20% of vehicle accidents on major roads are sleep related, 40% of these fleets accidents involve commercial vehicles. It is also becoming more important for fleet managers to understand and be able to enact their duty of care.

Driver Behavior Monitoring

Every trip driven by the fleet owners is tracked by plotting individual journey events and incidents, so you can examine individual journeys in detail. The simple ranking system allows you to swiftly highlight key issues on a group or individual basis, to promote positive driving strategies. This is supported by using some of the KPI reporting processes. You can easily compare the overall fleet status and identify areas of underperformance as well as reduce maintenance downtime.

Why Tangerine’s Solution for Effective Fleet Management

Driver behaviors such as quick acceleration, speeding, hard braking, and idling can significantly increase your businesses’ overall fuel consumption. The greater visibility of your fuel consumption allows you to monitor and manage your fuel card usage.

Some of Tangerine’s solutions in fleet management are as follows:

  • GPS Car Tracking

The fleet management solution also provides visibility of your vehicles using Telematics and GPS Car Tracking. As a fleet owner, you will be able to quickly and easily locate your drivers in the field, the route history, and the time spent at each job. You can use this information to control labor costs, improve customer service, and prioritize your work based on proximity. This assists you in running your business as efficiently as possible.

  • Driver safety

As employees and vehicles are valuable assets, the corporate reputation is at risk when it comes to the safety of road users. If one of your employees is driving dangerously, you will be able to know about it before you hear from one of your customers or worse, on the news. By being aware of the problem very early, you can provide the required training and support to assist in preventing a crash.

  • Vehicle Care

If one of your fleets is broken-down, the fleet management solution provides accurate real-time incident notifications so that you can respond quickly. The Tangerine’s Telematics solution does this by monitoring vehicle health and sending you an alert for battery failure, low fuel levels, and other engine issues. This allows you to fix faults and overcome problems, saving your business money and downtime. Businesses using fleet management solutions can reduce your fuel costs by ensuring that employees are driving safely and efficiently.

  • Respond Quickly to Emergency Situations

Telematics notifies a fleet manager whenever an emergency or accident occurs on the road so that they can react quickly, assess the situation, and send proper help if needed. These capabilities increase driver safety and help fleets avoid emergency situations.

Final Words

Investing in driver safety is a worthwhile venture for fleet management. You can ensure by using insights gathered from the fleet management solution to educate drivers and reward their good driver behavior. By establishing a culture of driver accountability through initiatives such as setting targets and offering incentives, you can dramatically improve the on-road behavior and the safety of your drivers and other road users. For the logistics and fleet industry, the condition of fleet and consignment is the main concern. Because even the smallest problem in any of these can cause huge loss. If any of your fleet meets with an accident then you may have to pay for the damage caused, and this might also need some better operations in place to maintain the customer relations.