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Connected Car Solutions and its Impact on Fleet Management 

Did you know?

Connected Car solutions can lead to 97% reduction in speeding, a 7% improvement in fuel economy, and a 47% reduction in accidents.

Industry forecasts predict the number of fleet vehicles employing connected car technology in the U.S. will reach 12.7 million units by 2020. And it is easy to see why. Connected car technology allows fleet managers to remotely monitor nearly every aspect of their vehicles’ operation in real time. Vehicle speed, acceleration,deceleration, location and route traveled, fuel usage, engine performance, load weight, and driver distractions are but a few of the factors that IoT permits to be measured and their data transmitted.

By combining IoT with artificial intelligence, big data, and predictive analytics, connected car technology has the power to revolutionize the fleet management industry. In this article, we will examine  a few of the ways the ways fleet management is being impacted.

Benefits of Connected Car Solutions 

Fleet Efficiency: Connected cars (and trucks) feed data to the Internet from a host of embedded sensors. The information provided allows fleet managers to identify opportunities where vehicle efficiency can be monitored and improved.
Most drivers are aware that engine performance and tire pressure can affect the fuel efficiency of their vehicle. While connected car technology allows fleet managers to monitor these parameters for each vehicle in their fleet, it also provides them with data on more-dynamic aspects of vehicle operation, namely those affected by driver behavior.

The connected car can report to fleet managers details about acceleration and deceleration, engine idle time, and speed. All of these factors can adversely affect the fuel economy of even the newest vehicle, with efficiency varying by several percentage points from one driver to another.
By identifying peaks and dips in the fuel efficiency of each fleet vehicle, managers can address and correct wasteful issues, be they mechanical or human in nature.

Improved Safety: 

As fleet managers adopt connected car technology, they will see a direct and proportional improvement in vehicle safety. Many of the same factors that affect fuel economy can also affect vehicle safety. Sudden stops and abrupt starts, speeding, and even vehicle maintenance issues can all impact vehicle safety. Consequently, fleet managers will increasingly monitor these operational parameters seeking opportunities for improvement, and instances where immediate corrective action is required.

Not only does connected car technology provide remote monitoring of vehicle operation, but IoT components can provide monitoring of drivers’ physical conditions, as well. Driver distraction, sleepiness, heart rate, even blood sugar could potentially be monitored. The ability to identify that a driver’s blood sugar is dropping, or that the driver is nodding off, could significantly reduce driver-related accidents and related insurance premiums.

Reduced Downtime 

We have mentioned that connected car technology allows engine performance and tire pressure to be monitored by fleet managers for the purpose of controlling fleet fuel economy. The same measurements, combined with those from hydraulics and data from other sensors, can also help identify maintenance issues before they shut the vehicle down. Rather than waiting for an engine defect or other issue to fully materialize, IoT technology can spot problems and automatically schedule repairs before they become costly malfunctions. By incorporating predictive analysis into the vehicle monitoring ecosystem, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies can be tapped to help predict mechanical problems before they even occur.

Benefits of Connected Car Solutions

Control & Monitor Fleets Remotely

Manage on-demand rental experience with a mobile app and an intuitive web-dashboard

  • Enable your customers to unlock the cars using their mobile phones.
  • Deploy our SDKs or access data through APIs to get started right away.
  • Immobilize your vehicles remotely to prevent vehicle theft and misuse.

Operational Efficiency

Make sure all assets are fully utilized and are driven reasonably to maximize returns on your investments

  • Get notified of damaging driver behaviors like excessive speeding, idling or hard braking.
  • Scheduled service maintenance to prevent breakdown and keep assets at high performance.
  • View inventory and demand in real-time for greater visibility and fleet control.

Buy and Sell The Right Vehicle 

With Tangerine’s advanced insights and predictive maintenance reports, restructure your fleet in a way never imagined before.

  • Get information on asset utilization and vehicle wear and tear.
  • Use data to know about vehicle health and accident history.
  • Improve the residual value and prioritize inefficient vehicles to de-fleet.

With Connected Cars Fleet, both you and your customers can keep track of repairs and due service for the entire fleet and easily dispatch vehicles to your workshop when needed.