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Choosing A Fleet Management Solution: A Fleet Owner’s Guide

A good fleet management solution helps you drive improvement, eliminate risks and monitor fleets in a very effective manner. However, an important decision here is to determine which solution is right for your business, and a crucial point to remember is ‘need over investment’.

When implementing an enterprise telematics solution and fleet management system, it is important to measure how this can affect your bottom line. We understand that the solutions in question are directly linked to productivity, operational excellence, and company policy compliance. More importantly the solution you purchase impacts any deviations in business objectives, finding solutions to real-time problems, and the associated costs. So, here are some of the major factors to consider before you purchase the best fleet management platform for your business:

○ Policy Compliance

The right fleet management solution will meet all the minimum compliance requirements for IFTA, DVIR, ELD, and more. The solution shall also be future proof and constant updates and tweaks need to be implemented to meet the changing business needs and maximize effectiveness.

○ Safety & Driver Behavior Monitoring

When evaluating your fleet management solution “fleet safety” is key, a  solution with focus  on driver behavior tracking and real-time alerts in unusual events is always the best to opt for. Additionally, some of the top fleet management solution providers, like Tangerine, provide tailored training programs that help businesses train their employees for effective management.

○ Efficient Fleet Operations

Modern telematics provides companies with the intelligence to run more efficient fleet operations. Tracking vehicles, increasing driver productivity, and encouraging better driving habits is core.

○ Cost Control

A good telematics solution should help your company keep fuel, maintenance, and labor expenses in check. Tangerine’s fleet management platform provides insightful reports on driver behavior monitoring. Predictive and preventive maintenance allows fleets to reduce the likelihood of expensive repairs and costs.

○ Operational Efficiency

The right fleet tracking technology enables you to keep a watchful eye on your operations that allows you to better manage vehicles, drivers, and assets and adapt to new needs as they arise. 

When your business finds itself in a tough changing landscape or under intense competitive pressure, a good solution can help you adapt nearly overnight. 

○ Accurate Data-Based Decision Making

Gut instincts do not work in critical business scenarios. A fleet management solution should help you make decisions based on the data from customizable reports to identify fleet trends and areas of improvement. 

A high end fleet tracking platform uses intelligent GPS technology to give you visibility into movement of vehicles, drivers and assets while they’re in the field so you get a real-time, 360-degree view of your fleet’s daily operations. And according to the Fleet technology trends Report 2021, 72% of businesses found GPS fleet tracking beneficial in operations management.

Tangerine’s solutions help business organizations to lower and completely eliminate the risks associated with staff cost, operations, and others. With Tangerine’s fleet management solution, you can:

• View real-time driver and vehicle location

• Monitor and eliminate risky or wasteful driver behavior

• Improve fuel economy

• Reduce costs for vehicle maintenance

• Make critical business decisions 

• Reduce vehicle wear and tear 

• Reduce unplanned vehicle breakdowns 

• Extend the life of assets 

Tangerine can help you clarify your fleet needs, prepare you for your demo, visualize the implementation process, and map out a step-by-step adoption process. Contact us to learn more.

About Tangerine

Tangerine is an AI-powered data analytics company for smart mobility, offering solutions for fleet management, shared mobility, and insurance telematics. Tangerine’s products and services for planning, diagnostics and analytics are designed for commercial fleets, insurance, and automotive OEMs to manage their heterogeneous fleets. Tangerine’s integrated fleet management platform enables you to address all challenges related to managing your fleet in a simple and cost effective way. Our end to end mobility platform is the most comprehensive and advanced solution for streamlining your fleet processes and providing a seamless experience to your drivers.