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Enhance your fleet operations with asset tracking

Asset tracking can improve your fleet’s productivity and vehicle utilization by 10-15% and 15-20% respectively and reduce fuel consumption by 20-25%, idle time by 20-30%, miles driven by 5-10% and overtime by 10-15%. Telematics makes your fleet safer, keeps you from getting lost, summons roadside assistance at the press of a button, routes you around accidents. Asset tracker leverages on telematics from each vehicle of the fleet to improve driver safety by monitoring speeding, hard braking, and other risky driving habits, reduce greenhouse emissions and meet other environmental goals, route drivers more efficiently to improve customer service and on-time deliveries, increase revenues by taking on more business without adding drivers or vehicles and gain a competitive advantage by improving overall fleet efficiency.

Here are some reasons why you should add asset tracking to your fleet.

● Real time tracking

Adding asset tracking to your fleet provides you with the most up-to-date information on your fleet and your assets’ location at any given time. The old tracking method using paper and ink, maps, and spreadsheets just doesn’t perform in today’s competitive market. Even the most organized fleet manager will have difficulty keeping track of everything this way. If you are successful at manual tracking, you would be the only person who has immediate access to the information, leading to multiple phone calls and messages back and forth among team members

● Improved Accuracy

Assets tracker lets you manage your assets more accurately. No matter how organized and experienced you are, it is nearly impossible to track multiple moving parts using old, manual methods. Accurate tracking is essential in getting things where they need to be, at the appropriate time. You can then handle urgent or emergent requests from your customers without guesswork. 

● Predictive Maintenance 

Address these issues as they arise to prevent costly repairs and ensure that your technicians have the tools they need to do their jobs. Having equipment go down can shut down operations completely and cost you valuable time and money. Delays in project completion and employee downtime add up to real dollars that negatively impact the bottom line.

● Vehicle Recovery 

With accurate asset tracking, you can prevent or recover thousands of dollars in loss due to theft. With fleet tracking software, you can recognize unauthorized or inappropriate use of your assets before significant losses occur. If the unfortunate happens and one of your fleet vehicles is stolen, knowing it’s exact location using the GPS vehicle tracking device allows you to recover your vehicle quickly thereby reducing vandalism and damage.  Also, quick response to theft greatly increases the likelihood of the vehicle’s recovery before it’s stripped down.

● Immobilization

If your vehicles are left at your work premises, yard, depot or some other frequent parking spot, you can receive instant, automatic notification by SMS text or email if your vehicle leaves that area.  That way you quickly know if someone is having unauthorized access to your vehicle and you can immobilize the engine. 

Final words

Fleet managers will know which vehicles are currently in use, idle and available for dispatch. This will allow dispatchers to route equipment to job sites and other locations with speed and efficiency – reducing costly downtime and keeping your operations on schedule. The smart fleet management solution cuts greenhouse emissions, improves driver safety, expands customer service, and more. Eventually, the system will alter how people manage their fleets with the purpose of cut costs and do more with less. Asset tracking helps fleet managers to spend less on predictive maintenance tasks and repairs and pay lower insurance premiums..