Car Sharing

Tangerine’s all-in-one mobility platform offers planning, deployment and management capabilities for shared fleets allowing affordable mobility for all.


A Complete Mobility Platform

The platform includes front end functions such as applications for web and smartphones to optimize service operations of leasing, renting, corporate vehicle sharing, carpooling, etc.

  • Live track, schedule maintenance, get trip and ride history and know driver behavior – all at one place
  • Get reports on vehicle health, usage and fuel efficiency for effective fleet restructuring
  • Know about accidents and mishaps in real-time to mobilize resources and use data to exonerate drivers

Digital Keys to Access Your Cars

With Tangerine’s smart keyless entry/exit solution, now you can easily make your vehicles accessible to everyone without requiring multiple keys.

  • Use your smartphone and our app to open car doors
  • The device installed authenticates the user with a unique code and the mobile number
  • Increase convenience and flexibility to fleet management operations

Protect your Cars from Theft

Increase your vehicle’s security by disabling it in the event of theft or misuse with just a click of the button.

  • Safely restrict your vehicle from starting again before it gets out of the reach
  • Immobilization takes place when the vehicle is still and the ignition is off
  • Live tracking along with immobilization aids in quickly recovering your car in case of theft