Safe and Secure School Transportation Solutions

Tangerine’s route-optimization solutions with high level of accuracy, user-friendliness and comfort eliminate all uncertainties in the last mile delivery.


Stay Informed about Student’s Whereabouts

Live track students for their entire journey to and fro and access all previous trips giving location details of buses at any time period.
  • Our application for drivers allows them to mark attendance.
  • Live track your fleet on the map with customization options.
  • Provide customers with ETAs with real-time package locations.

Keep Parents Updated

With our mobile application for parents, know exactly how long it will take to reach home/school.
  • Send pick-up and drop notifications, route deviation or delay alerts.
  • Prepare parents for departure and arrival for their kids with ETAs.
  • Update on schedule changes and alert them in case of emergencies.

Integration with School ERP

Tangerine’s software can be easily integrated with existing ERP systems to automate attendance, pay-off drivers and manage fees of transport solutions.
  • Offers secure data transfer through APIs with backup and monitoring facilities.
  • Access consolidated reports on punctuality, bus utilization or halt timings.
  • Track driver behavior and implement coaching for increased safety.