Make Quick, Affordable and Accurate Deliveries

Tangerine’s route-optimization solutions with high level of accuracy, user-friendliness and comfort eliminate all uncertainties in the last mile delivery.

Automated Dispatching

Smartly manage all your dispatch activities with Tangerine’s interactive and intuitive dashboard that enables you to:
  • Optimize routes by considering the time, traffic, or distance.
  • Live track your fleet on the map with customization options.
  • Provide customers with ETAs with real-time package locations.

Empower Drivers

The Jido Drive app makes your driver’s life easy by giving complete details on deliveries, and ensuring accountability, as drivers can:
  • View the task analytics, notifications and vehicle assigned.
  • Check their average score based on previous ride behaviors.
  • Update fleet admins in real-time on delivery statuses.

Analytics and Reporting

Tangerine’s insightful data analytics and reporting equips you with business performance metrics for intelligent decision making:
  • Detailed reports of daily deliveries and their status.
  • Driver insights through routing algorithm performance stats
  • Outright visibility of your costs, workforce and assets.