Automated Solutions for Employee Transportation

Simplify your employee’s transportation for all business needs in an affordable manner.


Smart Travels

Streamline your employee’s ground transportation to and from the office on time, without stress
  • Individual employee profile consisting of details like the emergency contact number.
  • Easily schedule or book rides through our white label mobile apps.
  • Book ad-hoc rides effortlessly in any situation.

Intelligent Optimizations

Tangerine’s detailed AI powered dashboard facilitates you to organize and optimize employee routes quickly and easily.
  • View the collated commute demand right from the dashboard.
  • Take the best route based on least distance or time.
  • View and track vehicles for optimized routes on the map.

Facilitate Drivers and Driving

Offers your drivers a hassle-free experience by letting go of traffic congestion and time wastage ensuring they remain productive at all times.
  • Provide the employee’s roster to the driver through the app.
  • Collect onboarding data, track vehicle usage and driver behavior.
  • Easy navigation based on pick-up and drop-off points.