Driver Behavior

Reduce accidents and insurance costs by monitoring and improving complete driving behavior

Insurance Telematics

Adopt and implement usage-based or behavior-based insurance policies along with accident analytics

Compliance Support

Keep up with changing regulations and simplify compliances to focus on your core business

Routing Solutions

Do more with less time with our advanced routing and synchronization offerings

Fleet Monitoring

Check utilization, monitor performance and track improvements - all at one single platform

City Transportation

Deploy efficient, safe, and reliable transportation solutions with easy-to-use apps and web dashboard

System Integrations

Reshape your mobility landscape and use your systems to max with easy integrations

Managed Services

Drive your business forward and gain insights into your customers and their needs with our state- of- the- art solutions

Accident Prevention and Monitoring

Maintain the highest safety standards and safeguard your drivers and assets

Fleet Electrification

Ensure reliability, operate under time and efficiency constraints and maximize performance capabilities