Telematics is the integration of Telecommunications & Informatics. The most common application of the Telematics system is in Commercial Fleet Management Systems. Telematic aids such as integrated cameras, GPS monitoring systems, internet connectivity and machine-to-machine communication systems offer unprecedented data access that can revolutionize the way fleets are operated. Commercial Auto Telematics helps in developing data-driven risk management strategies which can accelerate profitability and reliability.

Commercial Auto Telematics 

Implementation of telematics systems in commercial fleet management systems helps you gain an informed perspective into fleet risk and operational efficiency. Telematics technologies collect & transmit data on vehicle usage patterns, radius of use, driving conditions and maintenance requirements of the vehicle. Through effective monitoring of the entire system, a commercial fleet operator can gain a comprehensive view of the health, profitability & productivity of the entire fleet. 

What are the benefits of Commercial Auto Telematics?

Telematics system offers a viable solution to better manage the fleet. Telematics technologies collect, collate and transmit data on vehicle use, driving pattern and routes. Telematics offers insights into the related exposures of the fleet and helps arrive at data-driven risk management strategies to minimize the risks. Through effective monitoring of the entire system, it is now possible to gain an insight into the risk models and arrive at safety initiatives. It enables the fleet operator to take faster and more accurate decisions through informed insights. Due to the precise data available, fleet operators now have unprecedented access to realtime data and visibility into commercial auto risk. Telematics brings transparency and actionable insights into fleet management systems.   

Drive the change

Through the integration & adoption of modern technologies, Telematics helps in reducing operational costs, boosts productivity & improves accountability of the entire system. Telematics also promotes safety by anticipating and reducing potential risks through predictive models. Also, due to the enhanced connectivity, support can be called for immediately in case of an emergency. 

Telematics systems promote a proactive maintenance schedule. Through Telematics integration, fleet usage patterns and fleet health can be monitored regularly. This helps predict the vehicle condition and anticipate potential failure risks & driver approach through data-driven models. Through preventive actions and care, the maintenance costs can be reduced significantly and undesirable downtime of the fleet can be reduced.

With assured benefits like cost reduction, productivity increase & improved accountability, Telematics is an integral & indispensable component of all modern commercial fleet operations.

What Tangerine Can Do For You

Tangerine brings to you an innovative complete solution of commercial fleet management tools and compliance offering to protect your drivers, trucks while you focus on your core operations. Rest assured, your fleet is well protected.

Tangerine’s Video Telematics provides specific coverage and risk management options to businesses operating fleets. By integrating Tangerine’s video telematics solutions into your fleets, we not only protect your trucks and drivers but also reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve your overall operations.

This makes your fleet easier to manage, and can save your company a significant amount of money. 

Tangerine’s niche expertise provides the products you need and the service you deserve to get back on the road faster. We understand your needs and share your concerns. We have programs that fit your fleet requirements perfectly so that you can drive with confidence.