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Here’s How You Can Save Thousands of Dollars With Geofencing

Geofencing technology is a dynamic and modern tool to create virtual boundaries on maps made possible by GPS vehicle tracking. This can be created in different locations ensuring that fleet management involved businesses will have complete control over their fleet tracking of vehicles as well as the personnel.

  • Geofencing prevents vehicle theft

Securing company assets is very important for fleet industries, because they require a lot of investment. Company vehicles being used without appropriate permission, or during non-operating hours can result in increased expenses. This can also produce expensive downtime and, in some cases, damaged company property. With the Geofencing feature, you can protect your assets by keeping you notified with regular alerts. If you are aware where your vehicle travels most of the time, you can put geofence around those locations. When a vehicle is stolen or leaving the geofenced area without authorization, then you will be alerted via  email or text. 

  • Cost-effective

Geofencing is considered to be one of the best cost saving techniques for truck and rental companies. Fleet drivers often travel in many areas and misuse the vehicle for personal use, which is very harmful for the company and wastes time and money. By using a fleet management software with the Geofencing feature, this can be easily prevented. Fleet managers can set alerts if a driver goes in or out of a geofence and also can curb inappropriate vehicle use and save money on fuel costs.

  • Better Data

Geofencing technology helps gain access to plenty of valuable data that you can use to improve your fleet. Reports can be generated for all geofence parameters,These reports are compiled to be used as a basis for end-of-the-day evaluations and the company can get to know how many times the vehicle went outside of the area,where the vehicle runs for maximum time, and how business can be improved.

  • More safety

Fleet managers can track and monitor vehicle and drivers location at all times.This knowledge adds to more safety on the road because if a driver is stuck outside of a geofenced area, it enables fleet managers to quickly locate them and contact the driver to send the required assistance immediately in case of an emergency. 

Why Choose Tangerine for Geofencing?

The Tangerine Geofence technology offers a number of advantages that can help you improve safety, reduce costs, and increase productivity throughout your fleet. For those reasons, it is a technology that is worth learning about and understanding how it benefits your fleet and organization.

With Geo-fencing, the fleet manager can get details about their drivers, whether they adhere to the authorized route or engage in unauthorized/ personnel jobs. You can set up geofencing around the location where the driver is going to be, and activate alerts if they take an unauthorized route. You can also set up a particular report for geofence violation with our GPS vehicle tracking system which makes your task even easier. 

Final Words

When it comes to GPS Vehicle tracking, geofencing provides an excellent visibility inside a virtual fence with alerts that help you keep your fleet running smoothly. Misuse of fleet vehicles can be detected if certain vehicles are regularly checked out of the geofenced area, or if they are off the custom route. Alerts received in the fleet management system help identify the misuse of company assets and avoid unauthorized fuel consumption, reducing fleet costs. Geo-fencing allows you to set up email and text alerts that will inform you as soon as any one of your fleet vehicles leaves the preset boundaries. This will make you immediately identify any vehicle theft attempts and report it much faster.